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Record/Transcript Requests

***In order to process any request, the form below must be filled out.
Regarding transcripts:  Submitted record/transcript requests will begin upon receipt of submitted form. Please go to below link to submit a request. 
***The quickest method for sending official transcripts is by email. Please provide the institution's email for processing. 
Please allow 2-3 business days for transcript to be processed.  Emailed transcripts are preferred. Most institutions accept emailed copies of transcripts if coming from the school.

Regarding admissions/withdrawals: New students to the district MUST complete Final Forms in full to start the enrollment process. Once Final Forms is completed and every form is "green", please have ready:  Proof of Residency,  birth certificate, immunizations, and any court papers if applicable. 

Transcript Form   (For past graduates) (***Also, for 3rd party background agencies, please fill this form out.  If unable to access form, please email with what you are requesting). 
Current HS Seniors Transcript Request Form (for Colleges, Military, Employment)
Record Request  (This form is for registrars from other schools that are requesting records of a CURRENT K-12 Otsego student)

Enrollment/Final Forms