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Hall of Fame

The Otsego Hall of Fame is designed to recognize individuals who have brought honor to themselves by making significant impacts or contributions to the school, community, or students. The Otsego Hall of Fame also exists for all alumni who have earned distinction beyond graduation. These individuals have made noteworthy achievements as successful adults in their chosen careers and/or have served as benefactors of mankind. The Otsego Hall of Fame also recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Otsego Local Schools as a staff member, coach, or friend of Otsego.



Current Hall of Fame Information

2021-22 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
Friday, February 4, 2022 at 6pm
Otsego High School
Nomination Due Date:
December 3, 2021 to Otsego Central Office

Past Hall of Fame Information

The Otsego Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony was held on Friday, January 24, 2020, in between the JV and Varsity Basketball Game at Otsego High School. This was the 8th class inducted to the Otsego Hall of Fame: Tom Sorosiak and Nancy Wright


It has been an honor to recognize the following individuals for their contributions to the Otsego Local School District.


Class of 2012-13: Dan Cocke, Holly Frantz, Deb Kendall and Gordon Wenig

Class of 2013-14: Randy Donald, Ann Laskey and Lawrence Sprague

Class of 2014-15: John Brown, Madge Brown, Fred Moor, Bernard Scott and Jean Scott

Class of 2015-16: Barb Vollmar, Howard Bluhm, Charlene Genson, Carter Genson and Tim Downey

Class of 2016-17: Edward C. Byers Jr. and Mary Frazier

Class of 2017-18: Stephen Kendall and Ann Titus

Class of 2018-19: Janine Baughman, Lieutenant Colonel Joseph L. Heyman, Joe Long

Class of 2019-20: Tom Sorosiak and Nancy Wright



We would like to thank the Otsego Alumni & Friends Association for financially supporting the Otsego Hall of Fame. If you have any questions please contact:


Adam Koch

(419)823-4381 x1102

[email protected]


Lauri Dunham

(419)823-4381 x4008

[email protected]