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Career Discussion Opportunity with our students

We are excited to offer new and innovative experiences for our junior high and high school students. We are inviting professionals such as yourself to come interact with our students as an opportunity to engage them in real-world work experiences through the eyes of an expert. This will be a forty minute experience for our students in which you can present information that would be beneficial as they begin to explore their career options. Things to consider during the presentation would be educational requirements, expectations as they enter the workforce, experiences they can anticipate in your career field. What we are aiming for are real conversations between working adults and our students.

We are so excited to share our students with you so that you might be able to inspire a few and not only educate students about their career interests but to also maybe inspire them to follow your career path!


We want to give our students an idea of what your job entails, but also to tell them how you got to where you are. What the future job market looks like? What certifications and credentials are needed? I have included below a list of suggested essential questions that can be used to guide your discussions but please do not think that you are limited to these. The groups will be smaller in size.

Sample questions that may be asked by students:

  1. Describe your typical workday and workweek. Is it 40 hours? More?

  2. What skills are most important to you in your work?

  3. What interests did you have which led you to this field of work?

  4. What education, training, certification, licensure, advanced degrees or credentials do you need to do your work?

  5. What employment path did you take that led you to where you are now?

  6. What is the employment outlook for your line of work?

  7. What challenges do you face in your work?


We have put a calendar together for you to choose a date that works best for you. You may choose to talk to Junior High Students (grades 6-8) or High School Students (grades 9-12).

Simply click on the building below that you would like to share your experiences with and select a date that fits in your schedule. You will enter in the front of the High School and someone from the office will walk you down to the room.

Junior High Sign Up

High School Sign Up