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OtsegoLocal Schools


Online Registration is now available through FinalForms.
Click on the link below for registration instructions. 
Please contact the building administrative assistant to set up a time to turn in the required documents and to also schedule an appointment with a counselor to create a class schedule for your Junior High or High School student:
Betsy Roberts - High School                                     Joyce Wright - Junior High
(419)823-4381  ext. 2100                                          (419)823-4381  ext. 3100
(419)823-1397 fax                                                         (419)823-0944 fax                          
Bonnie Armitage - Elementary                                 Jenny Helberg - Elementary
(419)823-4381   ext. 4001                                          (419)823-4381 ext. 4003
(419)823-1703 fax                                                          (419)823-1703 fax