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Thank you very much for taking the time to fill out the survey. Below you find the results of the survey. We will also be posting shortly the results from our alumni. This information will help guide us in our strategic planning efforts in February. Please check back soon for additional survey results.

Community Survey Results

Parent Survey Results 



Our Mission

The Otsego Local School District, unified with family and community, prepares all students to reach their highest potential by providing innovative programs in a rich environment focused on student-centered learning. Otsego students will become contributing citizens in a global society while respecting individual differences. 

Our Vision

• A united community which inspires and challenges everyone to exceed their expectations.

• A caring and positive environment that values and embraces all learners.

• An innovative approach to instruction focused on student achievement today, tomorrow and beyond. 

Our Motto

"Our Students, Our community, Our Success"

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